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Distributed Network Attack with Frontier

Leading Computer Forensics Company Partners with Parabon to Expand Product Line


Collaboratively produce a large-scale turnkey decryption solution with "best in class" ISV.

Business Name



Digital Forensics


Adapt AccessData's existing distributed decryption application — Distributed Network Attack® (DNA) — to execute seamlessly on the Frontier Grid Platform at scales of several thousand computers and do so with minimal code changes to DNA.


As the name suggests, DNA was originally designed to conduct distributed decryption attacks across large enterprises using a grid implementation that was developed internally by AccessData engineers. However, the cost of maintaining the grid side of the product was high. Having to regularly update the client application (or "Worker" as it's called in DNA parlance) to support several ever-changing OSs was time consuming. And, debugging nettlesome distributed communications problems began to consume resources that could better be spent honing their sophisticated decryption algorithms. Thus, when representatives at the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) introduced AccessData to Parabon, the company decided to give Frontier a try.

Although AccessData could have used Frontier's rich suite of development tools to perform the integration in-house, Parabon assisted by creating a lightweight custom interface to Frontier that allows the DNA application to launch grid jobs using its native format, greatly easing integration between the two products. Now, using DNA with Frontier, users get the great code cracking capability of DNA and the reliability and scalability of Frontier - all in one package.


Pleased with the resultant code and functionality, AccessData has OEM'd Frontier and sells the integrated decryption solution, called DNA with Frontier, to US Federal agencies and private businesses with the need for in-house decryption capabilities that can scale across thousands of computers.