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Parabon® Origin Evolutionary SDK

What is Origin?

Origin is a Java-based software development kit (SDK) for creating applications that employ evolutionary computation (EC) algorithms that demand the capacity of large computational grids. Origin uses the power of the Frontier® Grid Platform, developed by Parabon Computation.

At its core, Origin is more of a software framework than a pure API. Developers construct applications by writing Java code to extend the evolutionary computation classes provided by Origin, and at runtime configure it with the classes and parameter values required by their application. Origin supports many common EC algorithms and can be easily extended to support others. Read more about the Origin Evolutionary SDK (PDF*)

Evolutionary Computation

For its robust effectiveness and wide applicability, evolutionary computation is a powerful paradigm for solving tough problems. But, the high computational requirements of EC algorithms has been a limiting factor — until now.

The Frontier Grid Platform is perfect for even the largest evolutionary jobs — either on large populations or in domains with long evaluation times. By running on Frontier, Origin enables you to apply evolutionary algorithms at a scale never before possible, making it feasible to solve problems otherwise thought intractable.

Benefits of Using Origin

  • Ease of Use: Simply add your own domain simulator and objective function and let Origin do the rest.
  • Automatic Scalability: Execute on thousands of nodes simultaneously without extra development.
  • Platform Independence: Since it is 100% pure Java, Origin runs on practically any platform. Moreover, it supports native binaries, making it easy to incorporate legacy code into your EC application.
  • Extensibility: If Origin doesn't already support your EC algorithm of choice, easily add such with minimal integration.

Parabon Origin Applications

Learn more about three of Parabon's applications that use Origin:

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