Parabon Announces Wins With Four Leading Value Added Resellers

Industry-Leading Cloud & Grid Computing Provider Teams with Public Sector Specialists to Develop and Market Solutions to the Federal Government

CenTauri Solutions, LLC
Human Touch, LLC
Jackpine Technologies, Inc.
Three Wire Systems, LLC

April 26, 2010

Parabon Computation, a veteran provider of extreme-scale software and services, today announced significant reseller wins by signing up with four Value Added Resellers (VARs): CenTauri Solutions, Human Touch, Jackpine Technologies, and Three Wire Systems. These VARs will promote, sell and support Parabon's flagship Frontier® Grid Platform software and existing Frontier-enabled applications. In addition, they will develop custom grid software, adapt legacy applications to run on Frontier, and make Parabon's products more widely available via agency-specific contract vehicles.

Parabon's Frontier Grid Platform allows resellers to offer their customers a mature, secure and cost-effective software solution that dramatically increases the ROI of existing enterprise or cloud infrastructures. Frontier uses existing resources more efficiently by securely and unobtrusively harnessing the idle, otherwise wasted capacity of an organization's IT assets — on average 90% — to deliver high-performance computation as a service. Frontier's scalability and price-performance advantages over dedicated hardware solutions enable its users to significantly reduce the time and cost required to complete a wide variety of data-heavy, compute-intensive and distributed command and control operations. The Frontier Grid Platform has been available for almost a decade and is currently managing some of the largest computational grids in the federal government.

Parabon's new VARs cross a wide variety of market sectors that reflect the broad applicability of Frontier. CenTauri Solutions, which supports the Intelligence community, "anticipates that its partnership with Parabon will provide a unique offering which blends their software development expertise -- particularly in modeling and simulation -- with the computing power of Frontier." Human Touch, a Small Business Administration (SBA)-certified Section 8(a) small and disadvantaged business, is developing a scientific computing solution stack on the Frontier platform to support the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), specifically with the analysis of drug interactions. Jackpine Technologies, a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned (SDVO) Small Business that supports the United States Air Force (USAF) and Department of Defense (DoD), believes that "the Frontier Cybersecurity Suite can augment current DoD network vulnerability analysis techniques, and that Parabon Blitz provides a valuable tool for distributed system testing and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack simulations." Three Wire Systems, an award-winning SDVO, has partnered with Parabon to harness the power provided by "the Frontier Grid Platform to solve the most challenging computational problems at both DoD and civilian agencies."

"Our new partners are trusted advisors to a diverse set of government customers," said Dr. Steven Armentrout, Parabon's founder and chief executive officer. "Working with them will greatly expand our ability to deliver best-in-class grid and cloud computing solutions to the Federal market."

About Parabon Computation, Inc.
Parabon, a veteran provider of grid computing software and professional services, delivers affordable, extreme-scale, distributed computing solutions to a wide variety of commercial and government customers, including such security-focused organizations as the US Department of Defense and the US Intelligence Community. A year after its 1999 founding, the company launched its flagship product, the Frontier Grid Platform, a turnkey, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution that includes everything needed to transform an organization's existing IT infrastructure — from laptops to Linux clusters — into a secure, powerful high-performance computing (HPC) service. Frontier Enterprise harnesses computational capacity of both dedicated and idle resources to power data-heavy and compute-intensive grid jobs, as well as host distributed command and control and cloud computing applications through programmatic provisioning of virtual machines (VMs). Parabon also offers customers on-demand capacity via the company's online utility computing service, the Parabon Computation Grid, which features a growing line of Grid Software as a Service (GSaaS) applications available via the Frontier App Store.
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About CenTauri Solutions
CenTauri Solutions, LLC provides program management, information systems and technology, systems engineering, subject matter expertise and other capabilities to key components of the Intelligence, National Security and Homeland Security communities. Totally committed to customer mission, responsiveness and innovative thinking, CenTauri consistently brings critical domain and technology expertise to key customer projects. CenTauri information technology (IT) personnel are making a difference in some of the most critical IT programs in the U.S Government. We are experts in the various IT systems engineering models, including spiral development, rapid proto-typing and other hybrid models. Recent successes (DIA Trusted Wisom, an OSD Portfolilo Management initiative, and an OPNAV Modeling and Simulation task) have included sophisticated JAVA development and the design, implementation, and integration of databases, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL.
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About Human Touch
HumanTouch LLC (HT) is a Small Business Administration (SBA)-certified Section 8(a) small and disadvantaged business providing professional and information technology services to the U.S. Federal Government. HumanTouch offers forward-thinking solutions with a "human touch," backed by a history of excellence and customer satisfaction. Founded in 1998, HumanTouch LLC is a closely-held company with headquarters in McLean, Virginia.

HT has grown at a rate of over 100% a year since being founded in 1998. From start-ups to Fortune 100 companies to government agencies, clients across the country turn to the over 50 years of combined management experience of HT executives when they need immediate, state-of-the-art IT solutions. HT has project offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; Omaha, Nebraska; and Southern California.
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About Jackpine Technologies
Jackpine Technologies is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business founded in 1998, with offices in Eagan, MN and Boxborough, MA. Jackpine offers leading-edge consulting services and products for the Department of Defense. Focused on Infrastructure, Jackpine leverages Open Source and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf technologies to deliver high-value solutions for the DoD.
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About Three Wire Systems
Three Wire Systems, LLC is an award winning service-disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB). Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Vienna, VA, Three Wire is a highly-respected provider of IT solutions for the U.S. federal government. With core competencies in IT and Health Solutions to include virtual collaboration, Web 2.0 technologies, cyber security, cloud computing, infrastructure and IT Service Management, the company provides mission-oriented solutions while upholding the highest standards of integrity in our relationships with customers and partners.
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