Class Breeder

  extended by ec.Breeder
All Implemented Interfaces:
Setup, Singleton,
Direct Known Subclasses:
DEBreeder, MuCommaLambdaBreeder, PSOBreeder, SimpleBreeder, SpatialBreeder, SPEA2Breeder

public abstract class Breeder
extends java.lang.Object
implements Singleton

A Breeder is a singleton object which is responsible for the breeding process during the course of an evolutionary run. Only one Breeder is created in a run, and is stored in the EvolutionState object.

Breeders typically do their work by applying a Species' BreedingPipelines on subpopulations of that species to produce new individuals for those subpopulations.

Breeders may be multithreaded. The number of threads they may spawn (excepting a parent "gathering" thread) is governed by the EvolutionState's breedthreads value.

Be careful about spawning threads -- this system has no few synchronized methods for efficiency's sake, so you must either divvy up breeding in a thread-safe fashion and assume that all individuals in the current population are read-only (which you may assume for a generational breeder which needs to return a whole new population each generation), or otherwise you must obtain the appropriate locks on individuals in the population and other objects as necessary.

Sean Luke
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  Population breedPopulation(EvolutionState state)
          Breeds state.population, returning a new population.
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Constructor Detail


public Breeder()
Method Detail


public abstract Population breedPopulation(EvolutionState state)
Breeds state.population, returning a new population. In general, state.population should not be modified.