Interface Clique

All Superinterfaces:, Setup
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GPAtomicType, GPFunctionSet, GPNodeConstraints, GPSetType, GPTreeConstraints, GPType, PTCFunctionSet, RuleConstraints, RuleSetConstraints

public interface Clique
extends Setup

Clique is a class pattern marking classes which create only a few instances, generally accessible through some global mechanism, and every single one of which gets its own distinct setup(...) call. Cliques should not be Cloneable, but they are Serializable.

All Cliques presently in ECJ rely on a central repository which stores members of that Clique for easy access by various objects. This repository typically includes a hashtable of the Clique members, plus perhaps one or more arrays of the members stored in different fashions. Originally these central repositories were stored as static members of the Clique class; but as of ECJ 13 they have been moved to be instance variables of certain Initializers. For example, GPInitializer holds the repositories for the GPFunctionSet, GPType, GPNodeConstraints, and GPTreeConstraints cliques. Likewise, RuleInitializer holds the repository for the RuleConstraints clique.

This change was made to facilitate making ECJ modular; we had to remove all non-final static members. If you make your own Clique, its repository (if you have one) doesn't have to be in an Initializer, but it's a convenient location.

Sean Luke

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