Interface DefaultsForm

All Known Implementing Classes:
BreedDefaults, ECDefaults, ESDefaults, GPBreedDefaults, GPBuildDefaults, GPDefaults, GPKozaDefaults, MultiObjectiveDefaults, RuleDefaults, SelectDefaults, SimpleDefaults, SpatialDefaults, SteadyStateDefaults, VectorDefaults

public interface DefaultsForm

DefaultsForm is the interface which describes how Defaults objects should work. In general there is one Defaults class for each package (there doesn't have to be, but it would be nice). This class should be relatively uniquely named (the defaults class in the GP package is called GPDefaults for example). DefaultsForm objects should implement a single static final method:

public final Parameter base();

...which returns the default parameter base for the package. This method cannot be declared in this interface, however, because it is static. :-) So this interface isn't much use, except to describe how defaults objects should generally work.

A parameter base is a secondary "default" place for the parameters database to look for a parameter value if the primary value was not defined.

Sean Luke