Package ec.breed

Class Summary
BufferedBreedingPipeline If empty, a BufferedBreedingPipeline makes a request of exactly num-inds individuals from a single child source; it then uses these individuals to fill requests (returning min each time), until the buffer is emptied, at which time it grabs exactly num-inds more individuals, and so on.
ForceBreedingPipeline ForceBreedingPipeline has one source.
GenerationSwitchPipeline GenerationSwitchPipeline is a simple BreedingPipeline which switches its source depending on the generation.
MultiBreedingPipeline MultiBreedingPipeline is a BreedingPipeline stores some n child sources; each time it must produce an individual or two, it picks one of these sources at random and has it do the production.
ReproductionPipeline ReproductionPipeline is a BreedingPipeline which simply makes a copy of the individuals it recieves from its source.