Package ec.rule

Class Summary
Rule Rule is an abstract class for describing rules.
RuleConstraints RuleConstraints is a class for constraints applicable to rules.
RuleDefaults A static class that returns the base for "default values" which rule-style operators use, rather than making the user specify them all on a per- species basis.
RuleIndividual RuleIndividual is an Individual with an array of RuleSets, each of which is a set of Rules.
RuleInitializer A SimpleInitializer subclass designed to be used with rules.
RuleSet RuleSet is a set of Rules, implemented straightforwardly as an arbitrary-length array of Rules.
RuleSetConstraints RuleSetConstraints is an basic class for constraints applicable to rulesets.
RuleSpecies RuleSpecies is a simple individual which is suitable as a species for rule sets subpopulations.