Class SimpleExchanger

  extended by ec.Exchanger
      extended by ec.simple.SimpleExchanger
All Implemented Interfaces:
Setup, Singleton, SteadyStateExchangerForm,

public final class SimpleExchanger
extends Exchanger
implements SteadyStateExchangerForm

A SimpleExchanger is a default Exchanger which, well, doesn't do anything. Most applications don't need Exchanger facilities; this simple version will suffice.

The SimpleExchanger implements the SteadyStateExchangerForm, mostly because it does nothing with individuals. For this reason, it is final; implement your own Exchanger if you need to do something more advanced.

Sean Luke
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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void closeContacts(EvolutionState state, int result)
          Doesn't do anything.
 void initializeContacts(EvolutionState state)
          Doesn't do anything.
 Population postBreedingExchangePopulation(EvolutionState state)
          Simply returns state.population.
 Population preBreedingExchangePopulation(EvolutionState state)
          Simply returns state.population.
 void reinitializeContacts(EvolutionState state)
          Doesn't do anything.
 java.lang.String runComplete(EvolutionState state)
          Always returns null
 void setup(EvolutionState state, Parameter base)
          Sets up the object by reading it from the parameters stored in state, built off of the parameter base base.
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Constructor Detail


public SimpleExchanger()
Method Detail


public void setup(EvolutionState state,
                  Parameter base)
Description copied from interface: Setup
Sets up the object by reading it from the parameters stored in state, built off of the parameter base base. If an ancestor implements this method, be sure to call super.setup(state,base); before you do anything else.

Specified by:
setup in interface Setup


public void initializeContacts(EvolutionState state)
Doesn't do anything.

Specified by:
initializeContacts in class Exchanger


public void reinitializeContacts(EvolutionState state)
Doesn't do anything.

Specified by:
reinitializeContacts in class Exchanger


public Population preBreedingExchangePopulation(EvolutionState state)
Simply returns state.population.

Specified by:
preBreedingExchangePopulation in class Exchanger


public Population postBreedingExchangePopulation(EvolutionState state)
Simply returns state.population.

Specified by:
postBreedingExchangePopulation in class Exchanger


public void closeContacts(EvolutionState state,
                          int result)
Doesn't do anything.

Specified by:
closeContacts in class Exchanger


public java.lang.String runComplete(EvolutionState state)
Always returns null

Specified by:
runComplete in class Exchanger