Package ec.simple

Interface Summary
SimpleProblemForm SimpleProblemForm is an interface which defines methods for Problems to implement simple, single-individual (non-coevolutionary) evaluation.

Class Summary
SimpleBreeder Breeds each subpopulation separately, with no inter-population exchange, and using a generational approach.
SimpleEvaluator The SimpleEvaluator is a simple, non-coevolved generational evaluator which evaluates every single member of every subpopulation individually in its own problem space.
SimpleEvaluator.SimpleEvaluatorThread A private helper class for implementing multithreaded evaluation
SimpleEvolutionState A SimpleEvolutionState is an EvolutionState which implements a simple form of generational evolution.
SimpleExchanger A SimpleExchanger is a default Exchanger which, well, doesn't do anything.
SimpleFinisher SimpleFinisher is a default Finisher which doesn't do anything.
SimpleFitness A simple default fitness, consisting of a single floating-point value where fitness A is superior to fitness B if and only if A > B.
SimpleInitializer SimpleInitializer is a default Initializer which initializes a Population by calling the Population's populate(...) method.
SimpleShortStatistics A Simple-style statistics generator, intended to be easily parseable with awk or other Unix tools.
SimpleStatistics A basic Statistics class suitable for simple problem applications.