Uses of Interface

Packages that use IOutput Provides a drop-in replacement for ec.util.Output that uses Log4J for logging and output. 

Uses of IOutput in

Classes in that implement IOutput
 class LoggerOutput
          Drop-in replacement for Output that uses Log4j for logging.

Uses of IOutput in ec

Fields in ec declared as IOutput
 IOutput EvolutionState.output
          The output and logging facility (threadsafe).

Methods in ec with parameters of type IOutput
static int Evolve.determineSeed(IOutput output, IParameterDatabase parameters, Parameter seedParameter, long currentTime, int offset)
          Loads a random generator seed.

Uses of IOutput in ec.util

Classes in ec.util that implement IOutput
 class Output
          Outputs and logs system messages, errors, and other various items printed as a result of a run.