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Uses of RandomChoiceChooserD in ec.util

Methods in ec.util with parameters of type RandomChoiceChooserD
static void RandomChoice.organizeDistribution(java.lang.Object[] objs, RandomChoiceChooserD chooser)
          Same as organizeDistribution(objs, chooser, false);
static void RandomChoice.organizeDistribution(java.lang.Object[] objs, RandomChoiceChooserD chooser, boolean allowAllZeros)
          Normalizes the probabilities associated with an array of objects, then converts them into continuing sums.
static int RandomChoice.pickFromDistribution(java.lang.Object[] objs, RandomChoiceChooserD chooser, double prob, int checkboundary)
          Picks a random item from an array of objects, each with an associated probability that is accessed by taking an object and passing it to chooser.getProbability(obj).