The Frontier Grid Platform

The Frontier SDK: unlimited potential, unprecedented ease.

The latent computational capacity on the Internet is immeasurable. To tap that power, the Frontier® Grid Platform provides developers with an easy-to-use Application Programming Interface (API). It's the heart of the Frontier Software Development Kit (SDK), which offers:

  • A suite of Java libraries that allow programmers to run massive, parallel applications across thousands of processors.
  • Thorough documentation and intuitive APIs.
  • A plug-in for the popular Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which provides code completion, tool tips, and an integrated grid simulator, with full diagnostic and debugging support.

Thanks to the Frontier SDK, high-performance application developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can create custom grid-powered software faster than ever. Quit worrying about maintaining your own cluster farm, and forget trying to justify hundreds of thousands of dollars for new hardware. The Frontier SDK makes it easy to harness virtually unlimited computing capacity.

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