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Grid Software as a Service (GSaaS)

Commercializing Frontier-powered applications is easy

Researchers often create applications that rely on "big iron" computing resources located on university campuses. These "big iron" solutions are costly and become a roadblock to commercialization. Now, there's a better path to commercialization. You can capitalize on your domain expertise through your innovative, Grid Software as a Service (GSaaS) application powered by the Frontier Grid Platform!

Benefits of GSaaS

  • Accessible by users, worldwide, 24x7.
  • Reduced need for "big iron" purchases.
  • Easy "version control" management.
  • Rapid adoption of app. and upgrades.
  • Complimentary back-office support.
  • Capitalize on your domain expertise.

How a Partnership with Parabon Works

    Parabon is a veteran innovator seeking domain experts, like yourself, to jointly build GSaaS business solutions.

    Your Role

    You are the domain expert. You will drive the business logic of the application, maintain it, and make licensing decisions associated with it.

    Parabon's Role

    Parabon provides the grid computing and commercialization expertise. Parabon's Frontier Grid Platform will power your app, and allow users to access it 24x7 via an online portal. Parabon is responsible for all server-side and back-office tasks, such as job scheduling, system monitoring, usage tracking, income collection and payments to you.


    You get to set all fees associated with the licensing paid by the end user. In addition to your fees, Parabon charges the end user fees based on the amount of computation used. Parabon will bill the end user using the fee schedule you and Parabon have jointly agreed to, and then pay you on a monthly or quarterly basis.

    Intellectual Property (IP)

    Parabon believes IP should belong to the originating partner. If your GSaaS is successful, then Parabon will be successful too. Partners with an already-developed application or prototype own the IP. If you and Parabon jointly fund and develop an application, IP sharing will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Now, find out if your application is well-suited to run on Frontier through our self-assessment.

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