What is "Computation on Demand®"?

How Does it Work?

Just as power companies provide electricity, Parabon provides computation - on demand.

Computation on Demand is a revolutionary high-performance computing (HPC) service through which our users outsource computational workloads to the thousands of computers that comprise the Parabon Computation Grid.

Beyond its scale, what makes the Parabon Computation Grid unique is its source of power. Instead of supplying capacity from dedicated computers in a data center (the "old school" approach, which is costly and environmentally unfriendly), we acquire it from providers who sell their excess capacity on the Parabon Capacity Market. Using the Frontier Grid Platform as the enabling conduit technology, we aggregate this capacity and deliver it as an on-demand utility computing service right to your laptop.

How Much Does it Cost?

First we have to define "it." To do so, we benchmark all the computers on the Parabon Computation Grid and assign to each a normalized, relative performance rating called the Parabon Capacity Index (PCI). A computer of "average" power will have a PCI of 1.0.

Computational power is defined in terms of the PCI. The cap (C) is the Parabon unit of computational power equal to the rate of computational work performed by a computer with a PCI of 1.0. A cap-hour (Ch) is the amount of work that can be performed in one hour with 1 C of power. By extension, a kilocap (kC) is equal to 1,000 Cs and a kilocap-hour is the amount of work that can be performed in one hour with 1 kC of power.

Capacity Rate Schedules

There are two capacity rate schedules available to account holders: Flexible and Reserved. By combining them you can match your computational demand at the best possible price.

As the name suggests, with the Flexible Capacity Schedule you pay only for what you use. Usage charges range from $0.15 - $0.30 per Ch for up to 1 kC of capacity. The amount of power applied during each 5-minute interval of use determines the usage rate for that interval. Account holders that choose only the Flexible Capacity Schedule can fill (or refill) their account via credit card to get started most quickly (and without a credit check). Please request a copy of the latest Flex Capacity Rate Table for more details.

The Reserved Capacity Schedule. allows you to reserve specific levels of capacity during specific time periods. These annual schedules have a pro-rated capacity charge of $1/C/day and a flat usage charge of $0.10 per Ch. If you know your demand and periods of operation, the Reserved Capacity Schedule is the most affordable way to buy computation. Moreover, at any time you can also apply Flex Capacity to boost your performance.

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Who Uses Frontier?

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Grid Computing for Commercial Enterprises

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Where's the computer chip that processed your last Google search? You don't know and you don't care any more than you know or care which generating station produced the kilowatts that light the lamp on your desk." Nicholas Carr, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google.